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Release of Firmware v0.1.0 for MOZA Mini-MI

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On the 14th of August 2018 MOZA has announced the release of the  firmware v0.1.0 for MOZA Mini-MI! To download the MOZA Genie App please visit this page and refer to the Firmware Upgrade Guide for upgrade instructions.

Major Updates
All features are available now with the latest firmware version 0.1.0. The new firmware comes with a brand new advanced motion timelapse, the most distinctive function of MOZA gimbals, which can add up to 9 path points, customize shutter interval and recording time.
At the same time, new firmware facilitates the optimization of product performance: better stability, more convenient operation, etc.
Last but not least, v0.1.0 is not the end. MOZA Mini-MI is continuously improving and will always pursue progress.

Firmware Upgrade Guide
1. Turn off MOZA Mini-MI first. Keep pressing the center button with your left hand, then long press the power button with your right hand until the status indicator blinks.
2. Connect the Mini-MI to your mobile device and then launch the MOZA Genie App. To start upgrading, connect your mobile device to the internet and follow the on-screen instructions.
3. Restart the Mini-MI and check the firmware version after the upgrade.
4. If you fail to upgrade the firmware after multiple attempts, please contact

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