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ShooTools Camera Dolly 360 Motion Plus

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The new ShooTools‘ Dolly is designed to be turned into an extremely handy 40-cm diameter turntable with control over direction, speed, deceleration and shots.

One Dolly, Two Modes
A Camera Dolly morphs into a Turntable. Put your objects on the platform and take an amazing Still Life. Chroma Key ready with a dedicated green pad.

Dolly 360 Motion Plus makes creating a hyperlapse easy, supporting the Shoot-Move-Shoot technology. The dolly’s motion is synchronised with the camera’s shutter release for tack sharp images. With the built-in intervallometer the set-up is quick and easy. The batteries are integrated in the Controller with Over 48H operating time.

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Obtained by the high precision processing a single aluminum raw slab, Camera Dolly is made of 2 sections that are extremely easy to assamble, totally tool-less. Lightweight and portable, ShooTools Dolly weighs only 3.5 kg, so it can be carried around effortlessly in its unique and included bag. Lifetime Guarantee due to its sturdiness and its capability to support over 30 Kg.

Motion Control
There are three modes: Tracking Shot, Time Lapse and Stop Motion. The user will experience high level of control over the speed of the tracking shot, acceleration and deceleration. The Controller works with all of ShooTools’ sliders.

Special Wheels
Equipped with three specially developed wheels in polyurethane (having ABEC 9 high precision steel ball bearing), they are extremely smooth and silent. Each wheel assembly is adjustable and easy to set up to match your needs. A detailed table in the user guide lists the rotation parameters for every distance.

Manual and Motorized
With a simple touch, you can lock or unlock the motor in order to switch from Manual to Motorised.

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Technical Solutions
Dolly 360 is an absolute unique and complete device as it allows the realization of close ups, limitless tracking shots [due to the absence of the truck end,] and 360° shootings with a coverage from 5 cm up to 4 mt. Moreover, it is perfect for “in and out shots”. As a matter of fact, the peculiar lightening obtained into the lower base of the chassis guarantees a perfect balance of the weight and, as a result, it offers an incomparable constancy of movement.

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